Blargh. is having issues. It isn't just me, I can't see ξ's site either.
I've disabled it in the template for now. When they get more stable, I'll uncomment it
and allow commenting to re-occur (not that I'm getting comments anyway.)

In other news, I'm riveting. Really! With a rivet gun. It's part of the super-secret
project that I can't talk about. To anyone. Don't even ask, cause I'm not telling!

Does this even make sense? I went to Orchard to buy a rivet gun, but the whole
rivetting section was bare. They told me something about an inventory stock issue, so
they had to deshelve the entire section. Huh?

Then... I go to Home Depot, who seem to have no trouble selling rivet guns, BUT
they whole glue section has been deshelved due to remodeling!!! Huh!? You can't
see glue because some dudes are buffering the floors 20 feet away?! It's not THAT
flammable, right? I'm incredulous. How do these places stay in business?


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