Episcopalians Elect 1st Openly Gay Bishop link


I'm in a quandry here. I support gay rights to the fullest. And I'm happy to hear that they've elected whom they claim
to be the most competent person for the job. Kudos to them for democracy and thoughtfulness. However, I am openly
suspicious of religion, being a bright myself, and wonder what the gay rights movement gains through this. Religious
endorsement? Does the community really want that? To become part of the establishment that actively seeks to
hinder their social progress? I'm not gay, so I don't know. Maybe the validation from a "higher" power is good PR.
Maybe I'm just upset that it made the news at all. Oh! I got it: It's like when the news goes out of its way to remind
us all that Justice Clarence Tomas is black. It doesn't state what the "racial" orientation of the other eight justices is.
Yet his race doesn't excuse him from being a sexist, right-wing idiot. In the same way, I don't see how the gayness of
Robinson excuses him from being part of an institution whose goal is to control our thoughts and inhibit our sex life.



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