News and Views - Top Ten - 08/11/03

The Top Ten Conservative Idiots:

The California Report:
On October 7th, 2003, California will still be holding its first ever recall election. Vote first on whether or not you think Governor Gray Davis should be recalled, then REGARDLESS OF HOW YOU ANSWERED THAT QUESTION, you vote on who should succeed Davis.
Vince's pick: NO on recall
YES on Bustamonte

Election '04:
Howard Dean for Pres! Why? You ask, since he isn't terribly progressive, AND he's pro-gun, AND he's a fiscal conservative? Well, he's progressive enough (pro-choice, anti-war, pro-national-health-care, pro-civil unions, and anti-Bush to the nth degree), guns aren't going away any time soon (sigh), and well, I wouldn't mind a fiscal conservative in the white house right now, since the current tax-and-borrow president is going to have me paying exorborant taxes until I retire, if the retirement age hasn't been pushed up to 99 by that time, that this.
He looks presidental too. Gray hair, all smiles, charismatic, and an intense personality.

How are the candidates fairing?


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