Fox news is suing Al Franken for copyright infringement.
Fox claims that their slogan 'fair and balanced' cannot be
born on the title of his new book, since they own the copyright
to the phrase. The suit also alleges that Franken accosted a Fox
news telent while at a Presidental press conference, and also states
that Franken isn't funny.

A few remedial responses:
Get a life Fox!
Faux News: Fare, Unbalanced.
Has Fox copywrighted the whole of the English language, or just the parts that offend them?

A step up from that:
Dudes! Satire is protected speak!
Uhhhh, you just gave Al Franken tons of free publicity. Tight.
Being, or not being, funny isn't grounds for a legal suit.

I hope that Fox loses this lawsuit badly.


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