The Top Ten Conservative Idiots:

The Environment:
The Sierra Club has launched a new web-wite parodying to gas-guzzling GM Gummer H2.

The California Report:
On October 7th, 2003, California will be holding its first recall election. As of right now, here's how it will work: You will vote on whether or not you think Governor Gray Davis should be recalled, then REGARDLESS OF HOW YOU ANSWERED THAT QUESTION, you vote on who should succeed Davis. According to this news article, a federal judge has ruled that your vote to the second one will count even if you vote against a recall.

Election '04:
By request, I am including information about the forthcoming election. In today's edition, I am including links to ALL of the democratic nominees for president, and one parody site of the current commander-in-thief. There will be no shameless plugs for Howard Dean in this edition :-)


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