WMDs ??? Where are they? they seemed to have dropped off the radar screen of the media outlets,
but Rummy still hasn't presented any. (cause they don't exist! duh!)

And 20 dead UN workers, including Sergio Vieira de Mello. sigh.

Why, O why is our media soooo complicit to Bush's agenda. They hated Clinton in Bosnia.
They hated his Health-care plan. They hated his penis. But they seem to be sucking Bush's

Oh yeah, did I say "Fair and Balanced" yet today? I wonder if the FNC will come and get
me for diluting their trademark. And now for someone who actually thinks that Fox is BOTH
Fair, and Balanced, here
A quick peruasal of his vitrol reveals that he interprets FAIR AND BALANCED to mean, "agrees
with my ideology." Faux News: Fare, unbalanced. At least in the Fox news article in the above
link, Fox recognised that Judge Moore is, in fact, in violation of the law. As a Supreme Court Justice,
his ethics are completely compromised. If he wanted to be a preacher, he shouldn't have gone to law school.


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