The new House

Assuming we finish Escrow no prob, and we can dredge up the cash to pay down the 10%, we'll be moving in on Sept 23, which makes this year's halloween a house warming party!! Oh yeah! Costume required. If the house is unfit for people, the party will be moved to the back yard and the zombies can remain in the house. Oingo Boingo could not be reached for comment.

The house is a 2 bed, 1 bath, 854 sq ft, 1 attached garage. It's a free-standing detached unit. The lot is 4950 sq ft. There is a big-ass tree in the front yard. There is a storage shed out back. It's in Sunnyale CA, within 3 mi of 3 superfund sites (gotta love disclosures, but I already knew the superfund fact. is cool.)


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