The Vatican is about to publish an edict baring women from serving at the altar. (among other inanities)

I don't know how y'all feel on religion and Catholicism these days, but I think I'm stating the obvious that this is a step backwards. WAY backwards. I know that Jo and Donna served as altar girls, as did I serve as an altar boy. I had my opinions of the service at the time, but if anything, it seems like we were only a few years away from finally acknowledging women as priests, and at the very least women were recognised as viable members of the church community who could serve in its vital functions.

If the Catholic church wishes to endear itself to a more modern, pluralistic, and egalitarian world, one which has already emerged over a century ago, it shouldn't be trying to push back the status of women to pre-suffrage days. I consider this a travesity against women.

But I'm not surprised. The Catholic church lost me a long time ago. They're peddling the middle ages. Maybe more people will realise this and relegate their Catholicism to the backburner. Not that the Catholic Church will react favourably to this. They'll probably role back to the days when women were forbidden from speaking in church, further demonstrating their moral irrelevancy in the modern era.

You don't have to agree with me 100%. But this just struck a deep chord with me. It reminded me why I don't call myself a Catholic anymore. I respect and admire as equals the women who are important to me: my wife, my sisters, my mother and grandmother, my girlfriends. Any institution which cannot do the same is unworthy of my (and presumably their) support.


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