Low-Carb Diets Are Working, Study Says

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Chalk another up for Atkins. I read in Science News a few months back that another research team had found the same results. I'm still in favour of balance in my diet. But I understand that some people actually should lose weight for health reasons. I know of a lot of people who are already underweight but who still want to lose more pounds, so they try Atkins. I don't think that kind of fad dieting is healthy. We are either overweight or underweight, but everybody who is underweight seems to think that they could shed a few lbs, and everybody who is overweight is completely unconcerned with heart-disease and cerosis.

And then there's that stupid advert on Yahoo that asks for your age and height and it supposedly guesses your optimum weight. It always is too low for what my actual optimum weight should be. And it doesn't take into account lifestyle, like sport and gym, which will actually add weight to your body but is more heathy than being inactive and at their weight guideline.

I recommend low to no fast-food; lots of different types of dinners like pastas, soups, stir-fry with tofu (Mmmm tofu); and I can't recommend this enough, eat breakfast!!! Don't skip it. Multiple studies have shown that skipping breakfast a lot leads to excess fat. And excercise, even if it's just a walk to Peets every afternoon. And to round it out, don't forget love, music, wine, and revolution.

Update: to diet in the Atkins sense is apparently much older than Atkins himself. It already has a verb in english to bant which was popularized in Victorian England by William Banting. It means to diet by means of low to no carbs. Link to article on quinion Are there any banters in the theatre tonight?


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