New Hampshire: Libertarian Paradise (coming soon)
The Libertarians have just declared that they will transform New Hampshire into a Libertarian paradise.
link to story on Salon

From previous conversations with friends about the Free State Project, they eventually intend to privatise the police, the parks, and other public services like schools and roads. You can check out more information on the Free State Project at their web site

Are these 5,000 people just freaks, or does their plan hold any merit work speaking of? Is this a cautionary tale, or a model of government reform? Will they be able to recruit the 15,000 more people they need to bump their numbers up to 20K? Will that be enough people to change politics in NH? The state has a 2002 estimated population of 1,275,000, which will make all 20,000 Libers 0.0015% of the population. Will they change heads, or just shake them? Will they all live in the same county? Will this cause a backlash and make NH more like Vermont (a runner-up state for the FSP)? Will it make a damn difference at all?

Can a civil libertarian society ever exist, or does Hobbes rule society as well as the jungle? Does Vince pose too many questions as either/ors, or is he a malicious spin doctor? Discuss libertarianism, or Libertarianism, or the weather (which is quite nice today).


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