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Knee Defender to the Rescue!

Ira Goldman has invented the knee defender to keep those pesky people in front of you on an airplane from reclining their seat. Ira is 6'4" and is quite upset at any loss of leg-room while trying to dine on those oh-so-delicious in-flight meals. After having his knees bashed enough times by insensitive passengers sitting in front of him, he went ahead and used some of that entrepreneurial spirit to circumvent the problem. He claims to have already sold over a 1000 such devices. They are priced at $10, so they are highly affordable, not like the useless gadgets for sale in the in-flight magazines. (You probably won't see this device listed there any time soon, neither)

Now I'm not that tall, but I know many a tall person who have tried desperately to get re-seated to the emergency aisles just so that they can have a few more centimetres of breathing room. This, of course, has the unintended consequence of having a disproportionate number of tall people in charge of the exit doors in the case of an emergency. And tall people aren't necessarily smarter than your average joe. Are dull, tall people monitoring the safety doors an in-flight hazard waiting to happen? Does the Knee Defender inadvertantly prevent a heretofore unknown flying hazard? Is Vince sensationalising?

If you are a tall person (and you know who you are!) would you take the risk of an inflight scolding from a steward or stewardess to keep the passenger in front of you from cramping your style? Would it depend if it were a steward or a stewardess? And if she too was tall and also had an accent?


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