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California Recall:
Don't forget to vote Oct 7th! Tomorrow! (preferrably "No on Recall". I am voting "Yes on Bustamante", but how you vote is your prerogative.)

Sport roundup:
The Cal Bears football lost to the Beavers at Memorial stadium. :-( Ahhh. That's better. That's the Bears I know. Grashping defeat from the jaws of victory. USC was a fluke. Now back to your regularly scheduled program.

The US Women's soccer team lost this Sunday to Germany, 3-0. :-( A saddening defeat. Sweden beat Canada 2-1, and thus the final will be in Carson CA, between SWE and GER, and thus Europe will be guaranteed two finishing positions. Third place is a duke out between the Americas, USA vs CAN.

For those that follow baseball, you already know that the Giants are out of the playoffs. This just wasn't a good sport week was it?


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