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Howard Dean for America:
The Dean Campaign is forgoing public financing for the presidential election, marking, I believe, the first Democratic Presidential Candidate to so since the law went into effect in 1976. Bush Jr opted out in the 2000 election, and will do so again this time around. Read about Dean's decision here.
And if you too are a Dean supporter, you can add your name to his "Declaration of Independence from Special Interest"
The idea is that if 2 million people commit $100 to the Dean campaign, then he has financial parity with Bush's dollars without being beholden to special interests, like some of the other democratic candidates and definitely like Bush (Anybody catch the Steel Tariff thing today? I mean hello! We knew it was illegal then, but George I'm-sooo-free-market-except-with-my-rich-constituents Bush, couldn't resist pandering)

The Bears Sport Update:
The Bears lost to the Ducks in Eugene 21-17. Buggre. 5-6 for the season, and we host Wazzu next weekend. If anybody saw them on the tele on Saturday walk all over UCLA, then you know this won't be a fair fight. Big Game is around the corner. Go Bears, beat Stanfurd!


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