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It has occasionally been noted that the DU *rarely* talks smack about other Democrats (being a partisan website and all). Such persons who find that behaviour deplorable might enjoy today's number 3 entry, Democrat Zell Miller.

Sport Update:
Last Saturday, the Bears dominated ASU with a 51-23 victory in Tempe. Go Bears! Next week, they travel to Eugene to take on the Ducks. They are 5-5 for the season. Big game is Nov 22 at Stanfurd.

It was a rockin good time! We should do this holiday more often. This little girl came to the door and said "trick-or-treat" to me, and I gave her candy, and she just stood there and stared at me for some time. I squatted down to her level to give her candy, so then she looks me in the eyes and said, "What ARE you?" I asked her if she had seen the Star Wars movie, "The Return of the Jedi" and she replied, "No." "Well", I said, "had you seen that movie, you would recognise me as a biker scout storm trooper, the ones who ran around and hit trees all the time... And what are you?" "A cat." And then she just stared at me for another minute, incredulously. I know I'm getting old when people don't recognise the Star Wars from my generation anymore.


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