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The Bears Have Won!
While driving up to San Francisco, we tuned in the game, and listened for the first half while the Cardinal took an early 10-0 lead over the Bears. In that time, the Bears fumbled the ball 4 times, resulting in 3 turnovers. I was so upset that we had to stop and get me some pepto-bismo from the local gas station. We didn't listen to the 3rd quarter. And when we tuned in for the fourth, what a difference! 21-10, Bears leading!!! Where did that come from?!?! I think Tedford threatened to shot the team if they didn't turn things around after the half. It seems to have worked. Either that or the Cardinal really sucks (hehehe) Despite dropping the ball 3 more times, the bears didn't give up possession. Go Bears! Final score: 28-16 Which beat the spread, too!


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