This made me laugh (from Sarah Oink):

Hi Vince! Congrats on the Bears winning! Where I'm sitting right now, if you mentioned that the Bears won, people would ask you what species of bears you were talking about...

It might go something like this:

You: So I hear that the bears won.

Them: Which kind of bears, and what did they win?

You: You know the bears...from Berkeley.

Them: There haven't been bears in berkeley for a long time!

You: NO NO NO, you see last weekend was the big game.

Them: Yes it's just all a big game isn't it!

You: They really tackled them and won!

Them: OF COURSE they won! You can't fight a bear! You're supposed to walk away slowly -- I bet they ran.

You: Hmph...yes they probably ran a lot.

Them: Well that explains it then!

You: Apparently they broke right through the defense.

Them: Were they using rubber bullets?

You: I don't think so...

Them: Yeah I heard that sometimes rubber bullets don't work that well, they should have probably tried tranquilizer darts.

You: But then they wouldn't have killed their opponents

Them: I thought that was the whole point, we don't want bears killing people do we?
You: I give up....


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