I played trivia last night at Scruffy Murphy's in Sunnyvale. And we came in third place! Whoo-Hoo! Next time, we're going for gold, baby! This was my first time (blush). I went with my co-worker, who collects a rag-tag band of people who have useless knowledge cluttering their brains. This is also the first time "The Smart Alec's" have every placed. I'd like to think that it's because I was there. :-)

Sample questions by request:
Name 2 of the five Alfred Hitchcock movies that were nominated for Academy awards.
In what year of the 90's were weapons inspectors withdrawn from Iraq on the eve of a US/British bombing?
Which king build Versailles?
Who sang "I can't see me lovin' nobody but you?"
What year did construction of the Empire State Building finish (to within two years)?
What river does the city of Lyon France rest on?
"Mirrors on the ceiling" belongs to what band?
"Meet me at Rick's" (or something like that) was a broadway play that became what movie?
In what decade of the 20th century was Green Peace founded?
What does UNCLE stand for in the show "The Man from UNCLE"?
What hollywood comedian was really named "Arthur Jackson"?


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