How much is the Bush Tax Costing Us?

The Howard Dean campaign has created a web-site detailing how much the Bush Tax actually costs. On a state-by-state basis, the web-site details how most states solution to less federal revenue is to raise taxes, and usually property taxes, sometimes on a state-wide basis, or on a community basis. The Bush Tax, rather than saving the American taxpayer money, is actually doing the exact opposite, both in dollars in pocket and services redendered by the state. Whether it is Homeland Security costs, or funding the "No School Board Left Standing" Act, we are paying more, and getting less. (especially when you consider than monies that once went to the states now go to Halliburton, Bectel, and the Pentagon)

California is no exception. Because of prop 13, we won't see any significant hikes in our property taxes, so what we do see the blood-letting of our precious institutions. College tution fees are being hiked, a lot. Low income workers are being expelled from the roles of Medicare. Our ports are less safe because we can't pay for the mandated security increases.

California is in particularly dire straights since we have a ~$12 billion deficit we have to close. Herr Gropenfuher had promised to not raise taxes, cut the "car tax," and continue to fund education. We can't do all three. He did re-instate the VLF discount, despite the fact that CA used to pay the same rate less than a decade ago. The discount was created while CA was flush on the condition that if the budget looked grim, the discount could be cancelled. Despite his promises, he'll be "forced" to cut education, even though he doesn't want to (Can anybody picture him crying when he is "forced" to reveal this to us?)

Herr Gropenfuher's next solution is to pass a $15 billion bond debt, the largest in the nation's history to be proposed, and in a state with the worst credit rating. That's a tax increase folks, and I'm all for taxes that pay for services, but this one's sole purpose is to pay off debt. It neither goes towards goods nor services. We'll pay more for it per dollar than if we just hiked the sales tax or increased the property tax. It is fiscally irresponsible (but what could one expect from the party of fiscal "responsibility"), and it will burden CA for 30 years to come, ensuring that we continue to be beholden to ghosts of christmas pasts, such as the ill-conceived deregulation schemes of Pete Wilson, and the moronic public education reforms of Gray Davis. (though I suspect the later will go first, and we'll just continue to pay Kennith Lay's cohorts back the money they stole from us).

Sorry folks, but we can't have our cake and eat it too. Taxes are going up, one way or another. If we don't raise taxes, we'll tax our government's ability to pay for education, healthcare, homeland security, and public parks. The tax is either on our pocket-books or on our institutions.


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