No Top Ten This Week!
There is no top ten conservative idiots this week, sorry folks.

Instead, on the day of the Iowa caucus, I would like to take today to perform a little public service announcement.

< Public Service Announcement >
The whole reason I send out the Top Ten is to vent my frustration at the political reality I have to wake up to everyday. Today marks the day when the so-called opposition party begins it drive to nominate a candidate to take on King George in the 2004 presidental election. I have never made a secret of my support for Howard Dean. That being said, Dr Dean has not been nominated, and neither has any other candidate. Now is the time to support and fight for your candidate of choice. You can only do this in the California Primary (the state of most of the recipients of this newsletter) if you are a registered Democrat or Decline to State. If you are registered as any other party, you cannot vote in the Dem primary. If the future is important to you, and you'd like to give your preferred candidate a fighting chance, I highly urge you to register to vote, and then vote!

It has been noted that this particular primary is nasty. It is no nastier than any other primary, people just have short-term memories. This is Democracy at it best and worst. Nasty primaries don't seem to affect a candidates ability to succeed once the dust has settled. (short-term memory, again) George Bush was locked in a very nasty primary with John McCain, among 7 others, and he still managed to get to be president! Eight years before that, it was the same story for the Dems with Clinton et al.

For anyone who might be losing hope that this country has gone to hell in a handbasket, take heart that you are not alone. Fully half of likely voters today in America would elect an unnamed Dem to the presidency. That is why it is important that we nominate the right fellow, and even more important that we get out and vote in March and November. George Bush isn't going to un-elect himself. That's what the People are for!

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