It was great! It snowed, and we drank a lot of Portland brew, and Tammy enjoyed her hot buttered rum, and we ate at this fantastic Thai restaurant, and did I mention we drank a lot? I feel refreshed. The people were soooo nice, too! If we opened a map of downtown to get our bearings, at least two dozen total strangers would ask us if we needed help. Powells was sooo cool, too. I think we spent our first-born's college tuition on books, and we went to no less than 4 Powells stores. Tammy and I didn't do so well figuring out what books were on the Column of the Worlds Greatest Literature. We got Shakesy and Homer but completely missed A Thousand Nights and a Night, Mahabarata, War and Peace, something Jewish, The Whale, and Lao Tzu. We were upset about Melville, but the blurb seemed to indicate that Michael Powell, the founder of the bookstore, got involved in the book business thanks in part to a valuable collector's edition of Moby Dick he had acquired (then sold). Ah well.


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