Current Delegate count (including super-delegates):

Kerry: 244
Edwards: 102
Clark: 79
Dean: 121

Kerry is looking strong, but Dean has a lot of superdelegate support. The February 7th contest might be a make or break for Dean. I can't imagine the super-delegates hanging on to him if he doesn't have any 1st place finishes before super Tuesday. Kerry is looking strong, but I don't predict he'll pick up too many first places in the South. Look for Clark or Edwards to rise as the Southern Alternative to Kerry (I'm for Edwards here!)

For some odd reason, Wisconsin has 72 delegates to dole out. I don't know why it's so large, but all four of these guys are going to be vying for that prize. (something to do with Dem votes in the previous presidental election...)

Here's the breakdown by state, date, and number of delegates to be distributed before Super Tuesday.
2/7 - 2/8, Michigan(128), Washington(76), and Maine(24)
2/10, Tennessee(69) and Virginia(82)
2/17, Wisconsin(72)
Other dates, DC (16), Nevada(24), Idaho(18), Utah(23), and Hawaii(20)
Plus 7 delegates Abroad (whatever that means)


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