Ed Begley, Jr.

Ed Begley, Jr sent me an email! Isn't that cool?

Now you're probably asking yourself, why would Ed Begley Jr sent Vince an email? Well you see, last week I decided to sent an email to Bruce Tinsley, the author of Mallard Fillmore, a not-so-funny politically-barbed comic in the Merc. Why did I do that? Well, Mr Tinsley was inapporpriately crediting the Max Planck Institute as suggesting that the Sun's variable temperatures were the cause of global warming (aug 6 and 7). He then used that to suggest that Environmentalists would still find a way to blame it on America.

Well, the MPI said no such thing, (and the environmental jibe was just mean, but secondary). In fact I found an article on the MPI website that stated exactly the opposite of what Mr Tinsley stated.

So I emailed Mr Tinsley (c/o of King Features Syndicate) to let him know that he was putting words in the MPI's mouth. Well, apparently, I wasn't the only one to give him lip on these comics. He emailed us back en masse with his explanation.

I provided attribution to the Max Planck Institute because of the data in the original study on the sun's activity by Krivova and Solanki, not because of the press release issued by the Planck Institute. The data gathered by Krivova and Solanki regarding sun activity are interpreted differently by different scientists, and I don't pretend to know the causes of global warming.The point of my cartoon was to point out the cultural phenomenon which is that: instead of treating this area of science as any other area of science-- subject to the same academic rigor of the scientific method, some environmentalists want to treat the theory of USA consumption of fossil fuels as the cause of global warming as an article of faith, and any dissension from their orthodoxy as heresy....

The explanation was feeble, but I decided to get over it and let the issue die. Bruce Tinsley has his forum, I have mine. Well, some guy with the name Ed Begley did reply back, a reply-all, with the following message for Mr Tinsley (quoted almost intact, it was good stuff! I hope Ed doesn't mind. Ed, if you're reading this and you mind, I'll edit it immediately!):

Nice try, but when you give a quote with an asterisk at the end, then you list the source of that quote as the Max Planck Institute, most folks are going to think that the Max Planck Institute said it.

And, you were probably successful, since the average Joe won't check it out.

Put an asterisk and list Krivova and Solanki next time please.

As for you assertion about there being a "ferocious debate" on the subject, the VAST majority of folks who actually study global climate change agree that it's occurring as a result of human activity.

The only opposition to the avalanche of peer-reviewed studies on the matter is from a handful of scientists who work for the coal and oil industry.

For future reading on the subject, try:
Science Magazine
Nature Magazine
National Geographic
Or, ACTUAL material released by the Max Planck Institute itself.

Well, how do I know that this is THE Ed Begley, Jr, the man who played Lars Oflen in A Mighty Wind? Well, I emailed him back (not reply-all, mind you) and said "1) Props! That was an awesome reply." and "2) Are you Ed Begley, Jr?" The reply back was Yes! He is, in fact, Ed Begley Jr! Well, how do I know he wasn't lying to me? Well, Ed wouldn't lie to me, so that's easy ;-)


At 8/18/04, 12:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo! Hey, this dates me but I remember him actually more from "saint elsewhere" great show by the guys who did "Northern exposure"

Plus...plllleeeeasse, anytime you misquote a source in a major newspaper that is serious biz! He should have had the class to at least say "ok, I misquoted, I apologize"

At 8/19/04, 9:12 PM, Blogger Christine said...

Actually, the first thing that I was thinking was 'who is that?" Sorry to say, i did not know who ed Begley jr. was. oh well.

At 8/20/04, 9:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

*sigh* Ed Begley jr, just one other sign I am getting old ;0

If you guys didn't know, he is famous for his environmental
stands. He was one of the first to get an electic car.


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