Sic transit gloria mundo

Julia Child has died. If there every was a need for a state funeral, it is for her. Her contribution to American cuisine cannot be overstated. Without Julia, the processed food industry might have actually completed its take-over of the American dining room. Julia stemmed that tide, and fought back. She brought good sense, good taste, and good fun into the kitchen when the food industry was trying to remove all three. Without Julia, we as a country could very well have forgotten what good food tastes like.

Thank you Julia. Di te ament.


At 8/13/04, 10:26 AM, Blogger Christine said...

please help. sos. i just found a can of cheez wiz (the spray kind) in andrew's apartment. I, oddly, could not stop myself from squeezing some onto a cracker and eating it. JUst out if curosity. where is julia when I need her!

At 8/13/04, 3:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Plus she was always this great old broad. She didn't publish her first book or do her show until she was 50. She always loomed larger than life, but made mistakes just like the rest of us pions (she dropped food on her show
and would blow omlettes etc)

Anyways, I payed my respects today to her too.


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