Stulti Catholici

Not content with the horrendous PR they already suffer, the morons over at the Catholic church have invalidated a girl's first communion based solely on the fact that the host did not contain wheat gluton.

Now, being that the girl is deathly allergic to the substance, I think the request by the girl's mother was more than reasonable. Even more reasonable was the kind parish that decided to grant the communion rites with a rice, not wheat, wafer.

But then to invalidate the ceremony strikes me as ludicrous. The symbolism of the rite is not wrapped up in the unleaven wheat. It's in the celebration of Christ's sacrifice, symbolised by bread and wine.

Another example of how the Catholics are too wrapped up in their dogma to come to grips with reality. Wheat will kill this girl. I'm almost 100% certain that God does not want this girl to die in the name of some farcical non-aquatic ceremony. But rather than recognise that the symbolism is still retained with rice, wheat, or cardboard (mmmmm, cardboard), they've gone ahead and done themselves a real favour by alienating even more of their flock. Tight skills there, people. I used to think that Michael Palin was indicting the throngs of Catholics when he sang, "you don't have to have a great brain...", but I guess it was meant as a barb against the papacy as well.


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