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The Conservative idiots over at the DU:
Swift Kick In The Balls Edition.


At 8/10/04, 10:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Swift Boat Veterans head honcho and co-author of the Kerry-bashing book, John O'Neill, is a partisan hack who used to clerk for William Rehnquist and has had a long-standing feud with Kerry since the early seventies, when he was hand-picked by Richard Nixon in an effort to discredit Kerry's anti-war activities."

I saw the tape from the 70's of Dick Cavett debate with KErry and this schmuck. What happened was Kerry had just testified in front of the senate against the war and the public was impressed. Nixon freaked out and *hand picked this guy* O'Neill to debate Kerry all over. if you see the tape, he is so obviously set up for spin, and Kerry looks like this earnest young guy *not set up for spin* and yet wins the debate cause he's smarter and not some clone. Anyways, i suspect that had a deep impact on Kerry, that he needed to get more polish and training in this crap.

Anyways, when I read it was this Nixon guy behind this book I was like "ok yeah, makes sense."



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