Top Ten Conservative Idiots #168

Swift Boat Ship Wreck Edition.

And a bonus, from The Daily Kos:

Change, real median household income (2003 adjusted dollars)
Bush II: -$1,535
Clinton: +$5,489
Bush I: -$1,314
Change, number in poverty
Bush II: +4,280,000
Clinton: -6,433,000
Bush I: +6,269,000


At 8/30/04, 3:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow on the numbers. But of course now Kansas will still vote for him, I mean who needs to eat? Eating is just
a self indulgence of elitists right?

I swear I just read the thing about ABC covering the repub convention more than the Dem. I was wondering if some major stations would...stinks.


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