I haven't spoken with too many people about this, but I did finally submit my short story, Testimonial, to the Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction. They do not like simultaneous submissions, so I didn't submit it to any other SF rags. If they reject it, I'll try Asimov's Science Fiction next.

I am cautiously optimistic. Subjectively, I think my short story is pretty darn good. I can't account for all editorial tastes, but a lot of the stuff I read in these two mags make me think that my story is a cut above the rest (all authors must feel this way, I'm sure).

In an effort to understand what my chances are at passing the editor's desks at these publications, I've picked up issues F&SF, Asimov's, and Analog.

Here begins my editorial on some of the stories. Some of the authors come across to me as, well, to put it bluntly, sexually immature. Sex is a great topic to write about and incorporate into any story, but it is really easy to do it tastelessly and really hard to do it right. Some of the best stories I've read in these three issues haven't had any sex in them at all. A couple of really good stories were ruined by gratuitous sex. Maybe its just me, but I don't feel that SF needs sex in order to sell. But then again, maybe it does. Kirk was always seducing the alluring green alien, and the editors of these mags are selecting stories with sexual themes and scenes, of which only one that I read actually was does well. So I guess it's true, sex sells.

Anybody got a SF short story idea with some gratuitous green alien love? You have a shot at getting published.


At 9/24/04, 11:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent, keep us posted.

Isn't it fun too to submit, I find the process kind of invigorating. Professionals are reading your work etc. I even find the rejections ok now (well mostly) cause they at least mean I am out there doing it.

The sex thing...I find that in playwright world too. -Carol


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