We brewed our beer Sunday! I hope it doesn't suck. Ninkasi,the one who holds with both hands the great sweet wort, would be terribly unhappy if we failed Her. It's bubbling strong right now as the little yeasties do their work.

Tammy also brewed an alcoholic tea. It isn't bubbling very much. I wonder if we pitched too early. The yeast may have died before the carboy cooled. If I don't see activity soon, we'll repitch.


At 10/13/04, 2:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is a cheesy poem I had a character in a play say (who loved beer obviously)


Ah beer, you golden
ooze, like a spill
from heaven.
You seduce me with each sip,
A true Goddess who doesn’t yank my chain or nag me,
but leaves me instead, with her perfume forever in my nostrils
And delivers an epic cry of YES!
You beckon me, like a frosty full moon
And when I drink...my soul smiles

At 10/18/04, 11:10 PM, Blogger Christine said...

sorry i missed! maybe it would be a good idea to add flavor to the tea in the form of nectar for sugar?


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