Kerry wins debate 1

And the stock market surges. Concidence? Probably, but I'd like to imagine that investors feel better with a Democrat at the helm. The stock market has always done better with a Democrat presiding over the economy. You'd think serious money-makers would be a aware of this fact.

No twisting about "Clinton sat on Bush I's economy," and "Bush II inherited Clinton's recession" etc. Raw data: President is a democrat, then there is job growth and a strong stock market; President is a republican, there is negative job growth and a weak stock market.

I mean, cmon! Am I supposed to be believe that the 1930's stock market surge was a result of Herbet Hoover's sturdy, long-term economic policy?!?

Maybe it's because Republicans drive up the national deficit too much. Recall that Bush II beat Reagan's record-shattering borrowing. Investors must not like that. Weighs the dollar down too much and makes oversees investing more difficult. But I'm just stabbing in the dark. I can't even pretend to understand why. Odds are that economies are better with Democrats and that's all I know.


At 10/1/04, 5:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

And he totally won. I was a nervous nelly about watching it but I finally did and It was obvious. I mean it may not mean much in the long run (as the pundit say over and over...Al Gore won the first one too) but it lays a good groundwork.


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