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As many of you already know, I really enjoy costuming. Specifically, I have my Roman toga and my Biker Scout Trooper armour. I'm ready to tackle the next level of historical re-enactment (and Star Wars is historical, too!)

I'm upping the bar a bit. The toga was simple (a sheet and some thread to keep the ends from fraying), the storm trooper was pre-fabbed with some (ahem, a lot of) assembly required. My next project entails creating a Roman legionary uniform from the 1st century CE almost entirely from scratch.

I am targeting a high level of authenticity. Since the Romans didn't have plastic, this won't be like trying to make my own storm trooper armour mouldings (no hot ovens or modified vacuum cleaners required). However, it is much harder because I intend to fabricate everything that I possibly can; to help defray the cost and to feel a sense of ownership.

I'm looking for interested parties who also want to make a similar costume. That would help reduce some of the cost on the bulk items (linen, wool, sheet-metal, plywood, glue, shipping, and leather). Also, with more heads working on the problem, non-obvious shortcuts (to me) could be employed.

My cost estimate puts the whole uniform at US$1000. There is a little give to go lower (not much though). There's plenty of room to go much, much higher.

If the thought of committing that much money is beyond your interest or beyond your means, but the project is still interesting to you, that's OK! I'd love to have help! Perhaps only one piece interests you; we can just make that together. Or perhaps you like to drink beer, point, and laugh at Vince while he wraps plywood around a tree; every bit of moral support counts!

The following is a breakdown of different pieces and their associated costs. Each piece could have up to three prices associated with it, in order of low,medium, high. The low estimate given above is the sum of all the lowest prices. Lastly, I list how I intend to acquire the item: either buy it pre-assembled outright, or buy the pieces and assemble them. The high-end prices are the cost of buying it preassembled.


If any, some, or all of this project is interesting to you, let me know! I plan to start construction in November or December, weather permitting, and I am giving myself 9 months to complete the project.

If you would like to see pictures of people in uniform, and see some other information on the costume, please check out these sites:
Legio VI
Legio XX
Legio IX


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