Top Ten #174

Top Ten Debate Moments, Round TwoEdition.

I don't care what Safire thinks in the Times today, Dubynacchio did NOT win the Friday debate. Only the the man who channels Nixon could hallucinate such a farce. Mr. Petulant came off as arrogant and un-Presidential as ever. You win debates by answering questions and not throwing a temper tantrum. Too bad that was too hard for Bush.


At 10/11/04, 11:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Safire is such a bag of gas sometimes, I wrote him (I will put it below-the subject line in the letter says "You can run on and on" you know a take off of this you can run but you can't hide crapola)

Anyways, I love the Troll under the bridge thing.


Dear Mr Safire. seem to also forget that Bush also lost his temper on national
television. But then again, that Charlie Gibson
really pisses me off too, so can you blame him? ;-)
Anyways, I am tired of the petulant kid stuff.
If ol Charlie makes him lose control and focus what will N. Korea do
to him?

And regarding Edwards
Senate attendance: You know his local paper went on to also point out
he showed up more than Lieberman or others running for office. And didn't some President we both know take so many vacations
he was making George Hamilton look like a hard worker?

Anyways, I think we both know who won. Me thinks you protest too much.
No one had to write an editorial claiming Kerry's victory in the first one...



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