Tunica scutumque

I am trying to decide if I will go for a traditional red tunic and shield, or if I will respect my alma mater and go blue.

The historical evidence for red is scant, but existent. Legio XX goes with a white tunic, but I can't do that. The only blue referenced was for sailors (so it seems).

That said, red would allow me to parade with other legions if I wanted to. Blue would set me apart ("You and I, travel to the beat of different drum, ..."). I'd want the tunica and scutum to match, so blue or red?

So, O blog voyeurs, do you have opinion? I've yet to meet someone without one, so feel free to share your thoughts. I'll properly ignore them when it comes time to make the costume (for which, I'd like to add, I've recruited exactly zero cohorts).


At 10/23/04, 10:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I say go with red, why I don't know, I just said it cause I have to have an opinion. There is something modern about the color blue, can't explan it.


At 10/23/04, 11:58 PM, Blogger Les said...

hahaha. no cohorts. you need to go after the historical re-enactment croud. Have you contacted the SCA?

i am too far away to be recruited.

but i like blue.

At 10/24/04, 10:01 AM, Blogger Tammy said...

Red would be my choice. It is the color of power and of war.

At 10/25/04, 7:36 PM, Blogger Crinis said...

What I'm probably going to do is this: Make a red tunic and red shield. That way I can parade with other legions.

If I ever wind of founding a Bay Area Legion, then I'll go blue. That, of course, will require making a new tunic and shield, but by then I should be better at it.

Where should I post to get interest in a Bay Area legion?


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