Vita progerit, et ego

Now that the election is over, I can move on myself. I know I'm not happy with the election results, but as Sonya, of Uncle Vanya said:
What can we do? We must live our lives. Yes, we shall live... We shall live through the long procession of days before us, and through the long evenings; we shall patiently bear the trials that fate imposes on us."

And then she goes back to work. And so shall I.

Here's what I plan to do now that I feel my life isn't on hold anymore, waiting for an outcome that will never arrive (Uncle Vanya is soooo poignant, isn't it?)

  • Write. I'm in the middle of a novel. It's much better than politics. I should keep working on it.
  • Costume. I've got a Roman Legionary costume to make. I'd better hop to it.
  • Love. I'm in love, and I haven't done enough with the precious time that Tammy and I have together.
  • Live. Walks in the park, running, gardening, bicycling.
  • Learn. My French class is great! I can focus now on getting better at this beautiful language.

Don't expect too much blogging. My heart's not into it anymore. I've get to get outside and live while I still can.


At 11/4/04, 9:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is a great line in Corialnas, something like "There is a life other than this". Yeah, we gotta carry on and enjoy life. PLus we live in an enlightened area, we are lucky that way.

I hope you will blog though still here and there!


At 11/5/04, 8:49 AM, Blogger Christine said...

I made a pact with friends yesterday to "get over it" and do it quickly.

personally, vince, I'm hoping to spend more time with family and friends that I seem to see so little these days. Plus, we have a new waggy arriving soon!


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