Paedophilia in the Boy Scouts

For the BSA, the elephant in the room isn't the homosexuals or the atheists, its the paedophiles. For some reason though, all the BSA can talk about is gays, gays, gays (oh, and atheists, too). This guy apparently was stridently anti-gay, too.

"This is the first time ever we recall anything like this being charged against a Boy Scouts employee," Shields said.

This dude must has a short-term memory problem. A simple google search shows tons of cases by Boy Scout leaders going back at least a decade. Here's the issue, it isn't the homosexuals who are preying on these boys, it's the married, heterosexual perverts. Since there are no gays allowed in the BSA, and the abuse is continuing, I think it's a safe logical conclusion to say that the gays aren't the problem QED. Sexual predators can find safe haven inside the BSA because the BSA has already concluded that the problems lie elsewhere.

As long as the BSA keeps talking about the iniquities of girls, gays, and the godless, they get to pat themselves on the back for being righteous. But the problem isn't going to go away by ignoring it. Look what happened in Boston to the Catholic Church. They covered up the abuse for 30 years, and it exploded in their face. The BSA is heading down the same path right now.

For me, the Boy Scouts were about the outdoors, pitching tents, burning stuff to the ground, and swimming in frigid lakes to build character. It wasn't about sex or god (much less about girls, but that's another discussion altogether). However, the BSA drew it's line in the sand--Boy Scouts on this side, atheists and homosexuals (and girls) over there. But by doing so they marginalized all the good people who would like to participate in the the Boy Scouts, but won't because of what they stand for--discrimination, jingoism, and repressed Oedipus complexes. What's that say about the character of those who now teach and lead our children?

This is no accident. I saw this coming for years and I predict it will get worse. The BSA now is full is zealots who only understand bashing the 3 Gs. Thinking about sex and sexual purity--and masculine purity, for that matter--24/7 is bound to make you screwy, or perhaps only screwy people are the ones willing to don the mantle.

This is the appeal letter from Darrell Lambert to the BSA, asking to be reinstated in the Boy Scouts. He had been uncerimoniously kicked out when it was discovered that he, shock, didn't believe in God (God forbid). He's a good man, an ethical leader, and he believes in the Boy Scouts. But he's not a Boy Scout anymore. The Boy Scouts are poorer because they discrimated against this Eagle Scout. Today, the BSA is chock-full of people who tend towards discrimination. I'm not surprised that they tend towards other unsavory activities as well.


At 3/29/05, 6:41 PM, Blogger Les said...

heh, i just saw that in the news. i want the bsa to issue a statement saying it's all ok, cuz he only liked little girls.

At 3/30/05, 1:16 PM, Blogger SPCTutors said...

Wow, and like Jesus would kick someone out for anything....



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