The Kilt Diaries

UPDATE: 31/04/2005 20:07
"Wow! I love that that thing." "It's a kilt." "Yeah! I love your kilt!"
Some hottie while walking hand-in-hand with her boyfriend. :-)

Some fifteen-year-old boy wanna-be punk in Cambria. The wife was quite jealous that I had had young men whistling at me.
Various Mexican men in Soledad.

UPDATE: 15/04/2005 20:07
"Wow! That looks really comfortable. Breezy, too. I'll bet you don't have to take a spatula to your nuts to peel them off during the summer."
Mike. I love this guy.

"Are you cold?"
A Thai woman wearing a short skirt with tank-top.

I'm received many different reactions from people when I've worn my kilt about town and work. Here's a sampling of what people have said to me:

"Hey! Scottish Guy!"
- drunk Hobo on Telegraph Ave

"Spare some change for weed? - Nice kilt, by the way."
- stoner on Telegraph Ave

"I've always said that if women could wear pants then men should be wearing kilts."
- Gardening Center Employee (woman)

"Cool. Where'd you get that?"
- Gardening Center Employee (man). Accepted a Utilikilt business card, too.

"My husband's been checking you out in your kilt."
- Grocery store clerk

"(nervous laughter) Why are you wearing that?"
- intimidated co-worker

"Did you lose a bet?"
- sarcastic co-worker

"But...but...You're not Scottish!"
- sarcastic neighbour

"There's Vince. Our cross-dressing member."
- Fellow Toastmaster club member whose security in his masculinity I have since called into question. I was wearing pants at the time of the comment.

"You'll the only one I know who'd wear that in public."
A friend. I think.

"Oh, look! It's your Utilikilt!"
A friend. I'm sure.

"Nice kilt!"
A sincerely admiring co-worker.

"Are you aware that you are wearing some sort of kilt?"
English co-worker.

"Hey Marcus! HEY MARCUS!"
Incredulous idiot on the street who didn't know how to tell his moving-van partner to to look at a kilted man walk by.


At 4/7/05, 1:05 PM, Blogger Les said...

i admire the utilikilts but am put off by their priceyness. also, i'm not sure that i'm secure enough in my masculinity. it's reminiscent of the school uniforms i used to have to wear.

seems great for warm weather though, cool like shorts, but way less formal.

the joke is, of course, the "what do you wear under it?" query, but I don't really need to know.

At 4/7/05, 1:24 PM, Blogger cxjo said...

i prefer pareo

go figure...

At 4/7/05, 10:27 PM, Blogger Crinis said...

celeste, there are a bit pricely, I agree. Only cjxo's room-mate has dared flip my skirt to see what I have on underneath it. And here I thought he was straight.

cxjo, as long as you can go commando in your sarong, I'm all for it!

At 4/8/05, 3:53 PM, Blogger SPCTutors said...

"Spare some weed for a change? - Nice kilt, by the way."
- stoner at the selfpace center

At 4/12/05, 10:30 AM, Blogger SPCTutors said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 4/12/05, 2:30 PM, Blogger SPCTutors said...

Along these lines, last night in my class my teacher was talking about
the sign/symbol for womens restroom has a skirt on! That is the difference between it and mens. so we got to talking about that. Of course I mentioned your blog comments.


At 4/13/05, 7:41 PM, Blogger Crinis said...

I don't think the skirted woman on the restroom sign is all that bad, nor is the unisexual symbol for the men's room. As long as we all culturally agree that these signs work, then these unoffensive symbols serve their purpose.
I've always thought that the somewhat sexist symbols of a curvacious woman and the blocky man work more universally. All men can be generalized to having square hips and all woman can be generalized to having curves.
Since culturally we are too prudish for such overt displays (even if only symbolic), the shirt and trousers will do, though I think they are already an anachronism, given that women wear pants with the near frequency of men in modern Western society.

At 4/13/05, 7:41 PM, Blogger Crinis said...

I know why mitch likes the pareo. It isn't the sarong, it's what's wearing them in those pictures!

At 5/4/05, 10:52 AM, Blogger cxjo said...

actually.. i'm looking at the picture again, and i think it may just be the hat!! panama!! sexy!!!

At 5/4/05, 11:43 AM, Blogger PKD said...

Have you ever seen a teenaged dream?
My daddy was a TV,
My mommy was a magazine.


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