My first published writing project is now complete. I've passed out every copy of Vignettes. There are seventeen in all, every person who had a story in it having received a copy.

There are 17 arabic numbered pages, each containing one vignette. Each vignette is named for a friend who allowed their name to be used for a story. The story must have been short, short enough to fit on one 5x8 page. The story did not have to incorporate any personality aspects of the name donor, though many did. I asked each person what their character should do in the story. Some people replied with copious instructions, others with paucity. I tried to incorporate all responses into their vignette. Lastly, each vignette contains an introduction to the person being parodied, briefly sketching a real vignette I have of them.

There are 7 miniscule-case roman numeral pages, which include the title page, the copyright, the dedication, the table of contents, and the introduction. It identifies the publication house as "Crinisuilla Books, a division of DV, Inc." If you don't get the joke, that's alright, as it's an inside one. The baby seal joke in the Colophon is much funnier.

On the last page, un-numbered, are two sections. The first is an About the Author, the second the Colophon. In the About, I give a brief portrait of the artist, his current employment, and his favourite hobby. In the Colophon, I describe the cover art and the design of the book.

In addition to the text, each one has the following features penned to it after press: autograph on page i; edition-stamp (#/17) on page ii; personal note on page iv; and the accent ague on page v.

Special thanks go to cxjo for printing the beatiful covers for me. I seem to have my own printing company now. I'd say the dry run was more than successful. We will need to produce more works out of our tiny printing empire. Manifestos, anyone?

Only one edition of Vignettes was printed. There are no plans to print a second. Covet your copy, if you have one (and you like it). Thank you to everyone who inspired me to write. You are all artists in your own right. I'm glad I was able to harness even a fraction of that talent to create these tales. And it wouldn't have been much fun without involving all my friends ;-)


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