Another Short Story

I wrote another short story, and I've decided that in the order to promote the interests of internet democracy, I will allow you, my blog readers (all four of you), to submit comments to it if you so desire. The window for comments from when I post this to next Monday at 5pm. If you read the story and have any feedback to offer, please do so before then.

The story: I Hate Mondays, ~3600 words, short story
update (8/29/05): closed to online feedback. Thank you to both of you for your positive comments!

I accept all forms of commentary, from the nitpicky grammar to the overarching theme and plot. Comments are accepted in the following formats:
· telephone dictation (the answering works, BTW)
· red pen scrawled on a printout and delivered to me (postal address works, too)
· red pen scrawled on a printout, scanned, and emailed to me
· blog comments
     page 1 "I'm looking for a book." -> "I am looking for a book."
     "I hate your stupid story, you stupid git, you suck"
     (not recommended)
     "I believe that your story suffers from a confusion between the
     eschatological essence of being and the non-universal concept of
     self-awareness as the apriori cause of conciousness."
     (not recommended either)

I look forward to hearing your feedback.


At 8/23/05, 1:22 PM, Anonymous Saar Drimer said...

great story, and no typos to be found. good job. best of luck with the publishers.

At 8/24/05, 2:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed it, I don't know what comments to make, I did keep thinking you were going to have them have a moral decision if they should contact the FBI ala the patriot act. I really did I mean library and nukes etc.

At 8/24/05, 3:37 PM, Blogger Crinis said...

I don't know. Do you really think a librarian would turn somebody in to the feds? More importantly, would this librarian? Maybe he would threaten it, but he wouldn't actually do it.

At 8/24/05, 3:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah I doubt it, but we all are torn between doing the right thing and following the rules at one time or another.

At 8/29/05, 6:53 PM, Blogger Crinis said...

Comments are now closed. Thank you to both of you for your positive feedback.


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