Coffee is apparently high in antioxidants. Yeay, let us rejoice now. Slurp! But wait, there's more: according to the article, so is red wine and green tea. Dude, I am sooo antioxidated, it's not funny. Ohh! Veggies too! I'm a vegetarian, so almost by definition my whole body should be saturated with antioxidant goodness. I'm free-radical free and proud!

I think I'll go home, two fist some coffee and vino, while munching on tomatoes and beans from my garden. Booh yah!


At 8/30/05, 1:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw that too, we is the bomb being
choco-bean lovin' booze hounds.

Wuz do ya saiz?

-Lush in Alameda

At 8/30/05, 3:09 PM, Anonymous Saar Drimer said...

I saw this headline going around too...
I remember hearing exactly the same thing on NPR maybe 4 years ago, right before mini-golfing. It's old news being recycled, I guess.

It's all in moderation. Drinking a small cup daily might be OK... but 8 a day for years will bring more harm than benefit. Guaranteed (I'm no doctor, but I'm pretty sure.) Even if you eat your home grown (superb, I can only imagine) tomatoes for every meal for a few days you'll start feeling sick. Modera-shi-on.


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