Goin' to the country...

Tammy and I adopted a peach tree several months ago from the poet/farmer Mas Masumoto. For the past two weekends, we have driven down to Fresno (Fresno? Nobody goes to Fresno anymore!) to collect our harvest.

Due to unusually heavy rains this year, the crop was lower than expected. Mas wanted everybody to get a lot of peaches, so he gave each adoptive family and extra tree (or two, as in our case). It came out to about 250 fruits, still low, but decent.

The first weekend it was just me and Tammy who went. I got sick on the drive over (getting over food-poisoning. Different story). But man, was it worth it. These Elberta peaches are quite delicious. They are juicy, and tangy, and huge!

This past Saturday, we went and collected the rest with the aid of my inlaws. We stayed at the Holiday Inn, which had a pool, which is a necessity in the San Joquin valley.

The picking went much faster. Mas asked us to pick the perfect peach and then tell him why it was so. So after we picked the perfect peach, we ate it! Then we picked the second-most-perfect peach and showed that to him, along with the pit from the first. We had to explain that the only way we could ensure that it was perfect was if we tasted it. He thought that it was quite funny.

On the drive back, we stopped at a local winery in Madera. The proprietor wasn't the best saleman, but he had a really decent product. It's calledChateau Lasgoity, if you're in the area. Try the Rouge du Val. Good stuff!

So I've got peaches! (and wine, hehehe) I've got a peach pie in the freezer, and I made peach cobbler the other day. We're thinking about peach wine. Got any other recipe ideas?


At 8/1/05, 4:13 PM, Blogger Les said...

tried to sell my family on the "adopt a tree idea." i dunno if it's the femaleness or the youth, but if I come up with it, it'll never happen. alas.

At 8/1/05, 4:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is so cool! I guess the recipe I think of is the one with the sparking Italian wine (what's it called..?) blended with the peaches in a processor or blender. Very good.



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