Cyaneae emptae

This website, is radical cool. I just went to it to see if my Bank and my electronics shop (B of A and Fry's respectively) were blue, neutral, or red. As for the first, they're very red, the second is neutral. Oh well. Banks suck, but that's a rant for another day. At least Fry's sucks because it is Fry's, not because their corporate minions are a bunch of rank rethugs.


At 9/6/05, 9:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Surprised to see Starbucks more blue than neutral Peets? Also of course Fredericks of Hollywood and Busch are blue. Sorry Trader Joes is so neutral.


At 9/7/05, 8:00 AM, Blogger jenny said...

it's really intereesting to see what kind of ocompanies are blue and red...things like oil companies and REI are a gimme, but would never had thought so many grocery stores would be red! and very disapppointed about target. where else will i get cheap toddler clothes?


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