The continuing saga of my musing on the trials and tribulations of raising hypothetical children. Today I discuss two issues that are dear to the Americans' hearts.

Television:(teleuisio) The wife and I don't own a television. It's actually quite wonderful, but we're adults and we chose to live a commercial-free existence. What should we do with the children? I watched tons of TV when I was a kid and I must it say, with complete and total honesty: It totally rotted my skull. That said, many parents, good ones even, use the television to show age-appropriate movies to their kids. Maybe a DVD player is all we would need. I've got one of those on my laptop. So I guess what I would like is a desktop computer with a DVD for viewing movies. As I can't imagine life without a computer, I suspect that this quickly becomes a non-issue.

Computer Games:(lusus computatralis) While we're on the subject, let's talk computers. I grew up with one. As a result, as I type this, I struggle with the early arthritis that I've accrued from almost three decades of bad typing posture (but good fingering! I know where home row is!). Computers are one of those mixed blessings. I can't live without one. So I guess we'll have one. But I found educational software when I was growing up to be a bore. Instead, I played King's Quest and I loved it. It passed the time quite well. I'll make a compromise with the brain-rotting side of my brain: Games are OK, but no Grand-Theft Auto. I've got to draw the line somewhere, right?


At 9/8/05, 11:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think whenever you make something forbidden it makes it sexy. But I would draw the line at grand theft auto actually, but video games I think are ok, as long as it's limited. When I visited Brian and his kids I admit enjoying playing the star wars ones with them. know I mention you guys when I talk of people who don't own one. I have several friends who don't, Jennifer Grimes, and my friend Nena..
I do like my tv, but keep it to food channel, pbs specials, lehrer hour and such (and DVD's) And some latenight (I admit a thing for Conan...) But i totally respect people who don't watch. So I don't know where i stand on that for kids, I would limit it a lot, not everyday for instance.


At 9/8/05, 1:59 PM, Blogger Les said...

Isn't King's Quest education?

I remember the perils of Rosella included problem solving and incorporated several myths and fairy tales.

Also: kids should learn LOGO.

At 9/9/05, 10:31 AM, Blogger Crinis said...

LOGO, not a bad idea. Are there any other programming languages that are kid-friendly? Perl ain't, nor is C and its derrivatives (including Java). There should be a programming languages FOR KIDS. Maybe that's LOGO. Mmmmmmm.

At 11/12/05, 8:51 PM, Blogger Matt said...

If you enjoyed King's Quest, you'll want to check out this website:

Some fans made their own King's Quest game, but they were recently shut down by Vivendi. These folks are trying to save it.


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