Today I donated $300 to the American Red Cross to help aide the victims of this disaster, quite possibly one of the worst to befall our nation in a hundred years. I am crestfallen at the lack of compassion, conversative or otherwise, shown by our government. Fortunately, there are still Americans who care, and today I sent the following letter to my family:
The aftermath of Katrina has been a shock to us all.
The devestation has left a beautiful American city in
shambles and thousands of people displaced. We have
visited NOLA only once, but we fell in love with the
culture, the people, and the food. We are saddened
that a bright center of the American landscape has
been destroyed, perhaps forever (but of course we hope

That is why we have decided to donate to a charity
that is actively helping the good people of New
Orleans and Louisiana. The American Red Cross has
been at the epicenter of the relief effort since day
zero, and their dedication and resilience is an
inspiration to us all.

We are making a donation to the Red Cross in your
name, because the effort of restoring people's lives
to normalcy is all of our responsibily as citizens of
this great nation. The rebuilding can only begin once
all Americans, especially those most affected, have
food, shelter, and water: in short, the items that we
can take for granted because we were fortunate.

Our good fortune should not be taken for granted
however, and that is why it is so important that we
all do what we can. We are making this donation in
the amount that we would normally spend on Christmas
presents for you. This our gift to you. It is early,
yes, it doesn't come wrapped in a bow, but the reward
is that the money is now being spent spreading hope
and relief to people far more needy and deserving than

We ask that, as you consider what you will do this
Christmas, you do the same. If you feel like it, take
aside the money that would be spent on us and give to
those who need it in their most desperate hour.

All our love,
<the signitories>

If you don't receive a gift from me this xmas, the above is the reason why. If you are considering giving me a present this year, take that cash and give it to the folks who need it more.


At 9/6/05, 8:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great idea.



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