Notes on France

I had a great visit! I love France. It is beautiful and magical. Here's my thoughts on my visit.

Food: The gastronomy of France is mythical. I ate like a king. They make their food so much better over there. As Pierre told me last night, for the French, the emphasis is on the food, not on the people serving it. If you had a rude waiter, well, was the food good? If so, you're a satisfied customer.
What I didn't like about the food is that is was nigh impossible to eat before 1200. They simply won't serve you. You can order coffee, beer, wine any time of day, but food is served strictly between 1200 and 1400, no exceptions. (Well, you can always go to Quick or McDo, but forget that).

People: Some of the best on the planet. I had not hassles with being a visitor. People on the bus, on the train, the vendors and the shopkeepers, all were very pleasant. There is a myth about the rude French. They seemed no more rude than any other country on Earth. The only thing I could state is that they are more blunt than Americans. Sometimes this seems rude but I find it refreshing.

Weather: California is more fair but the Med wins for location. The French Riviera is the most beautiful place on Earth. My friends kept saying that the weather was awful, but it was simply overcast. We went for a boat ride on the Med and they were worried about a few tiny rain clouds. There weren't even any whitecaps (they're called "moutons" in French). Gawd, if it isn't a small craft warning, I won't even go out on the Bay!

Wine: Beyond compare. Don't get me wrong, I love California wine, but the weather here is so nice that the grapes are coddled. CA wine is syrupy and strong. French wine is rarely like that. It has a more delicate flavour and is much thinner. I'm not wine expert, so I'm sure there are some highfalutin French words to describe this, but in plain English, CA wine is thick and alcoholic, FR wine is thin and light.


At 9/23/05, 12:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome back, sounds lovely.

I did actually find Parisians rude. The further I got away from the city (the French version of the blue states I guess) they were nice though. But it could have been me.


At 9/24/05, 11:56 AM, Blogger cxjo said...

carol, you'd get better treatment if you didn't start every conversation somehow with the phrase "and you can kiss my ass!" :D

At 9/24/05, 10:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

But I thought the parisians were more open about public affection... ;-)



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