Caucasian Chalk Circle

I've recently learned that the CCC was written by Brechtwhile he was in exile California in 1944. Nifty.

I saw a fantabulous performance of this back in the early 90s at Berkeley Rep, and had high hopes that I could show the wife a breathtaking performance of a timelsess fable. No such luck, as this performance was put on by students not world-class actors.

Azdack was wonderful, well-cast with lewd lasciviousness. Grusha was wont but had the emotionally angry and war-torn angst down pat. I wish she had been hardened but not not helpless as well, but it's difficult to capture the depth of the character.

The set was meagre, but sufficient. I think some of the acting was, shall we say, overdone, but I think you can read Brect that way. It's not obvious how the lines should be delivered: with deadpan seriousness, or a wry wink to the audience.

All in all, it's a tricky play to stage, and the students didn't shy from the task. I think they did a marvelous job, and I feel fortunate to have discovered this smaller SF ACT stage. It's not the calibre of ACT, but then, that's not what I'm looking for all the time, either.


At 10/17/05, 2:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think I Liked it better than that, but the yelling was a bit much.

FYI the train home was packed like a week day, I think that bridge closure really made a difference. I hear people still didn't know!



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