Arnold: Flame off

The governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, seems to have spent all of his political capital on propositions 73-77 last Tuesday. He has nothing to show for it, however, since they all went down in flames. The governor who promised us to root out corruption and streamline our government did neither, wasting several hundred million dollars on a special election that resulted in diddily-squat.

This Salon Editorial has it half right. Arnold was arrogant. But his reforms weren't dire. They weren't even pressing. Hell, they weren't even reforms. All they accomplished was annoying the cross-over voters who had thought he meant it when he was a centrist and a populist. Nope, he was just your regular run-of-the-mill idiot Republican. (Salon should know better, but the letters sections says all that needs to be said about Chris Thompson's little hissy fit)

Schwarzenegger decided to take his measures "to the people" because he couldn't wait a few months to work things out with the legislature. Well Arnie (Can I call you Arnie?), the people have spoken. They think your ideas are bunk. Maybe you shouldn't have tried to attack EVERYBODY at once. Divide and conquer, not shot like hell. Come on now, don't you pay for pricey political advisors with all your ill-gotten "special interest" monies from corporate donors?

Let's look at the props, shall we?

73 was the red meat to drive out the fanatic Republican "I love Jesus more than you do" base. I suspect that "centrist" Arnie knew he'd need bait to get people rabid about arcane, uninspiring propositions. It didn't pass. Somehow people couldn't get enthused about taking away civil liberties, even from minors. NO: 53%

74 would have changed teachers' probationary period from 2 to 5 years. That wasn't smart. Pissing off teachers. Good job. Arnie, you do know that teachers vote in off-elections, don't you? Some of them once voted for you. How was this a reform again? Oh right, it would have weakened the teacher's union which was a thorn in your side for real 'fiscal' reform: the Gut the Schools Initative. NO: 55%

75 would have made unions get explicit approval from their members to donate to political campaigns. What kind of reform was that? That was just spite. This wasn't a pressing issue, and let's face it, the people of Caaleefoorneeaa didn't see another prop that would have done the same for corporations. This was just chopping the political limbs off of people who oppose you. God forbid we have opposition in a democracy. Why was this necessary again? Oh, right, teachers belong to unions and you hate teachers. 'Nuff said. NO: 53%

76 would have made it possible for you to run around the legislature and pass your own budget. Checks AND Balances. I'm glad that the majority of Californians remember enough from High School civics to note that this was a bad idea. And it would have hurt teachers (and nurses, not to leave them out, too) Don't like representative democracy, do ya' Arnie? NO: 62%

77 would have made redistricting the purvey of 3 retired judges. How was that a good idea again? The districts might be fucked up, but 3 judges aren't going to fix the national districting problem. When Florida and Texas reverse their reditricting, then CA should, too. But it doesn't make sense to most people to lose our electoral college edge just because some whinny governor doesn't like to play nice with the legislature. NO: 60%

Schwarzenegger is just another GOP crony, one who has just blown threw his bank account of political capital. Too bad he blew threw California's bank of real money in the process.


At 11/11/05, 10:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I boggles my mind that he did this, but apparently he does think he can sell ice to an Eskimo. But it was such a blatant power grab. I will give him kudos for taking responsiblity, and admitting his wife told him not to this time, but that even feels like spin and image building.



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