What would Jesus do? He would give away a house, apparently. (Joan Jet wouldn't though, at least not this way)

This is beyond bizarre. That is showbiz, not religion, and definitely not faith, unless they worship the god of lotteries. I can already see it now:

"Come on down! You're the next contestant on Please God, Gimme a House!" <thunderous applause from the galley, I mean pews>

The winner of course will be nothing but humble:
"I prayed to God and he granted me this house. Thank you Jesus!"

The losers will take it well:
"It wasn't God's will. Shucks."

While I might actively bash religion offline, I seldom do it online: except today. Stupid, idiot Jesus freaks! Gawd! This is so dumb that only half-wit inbreds from Texas could come up with this amazingly very un-Jesus-like stunt. This ain't a Hollywood studio, it's a House of Worship. I swear to some deity, it's not the gays and divorcees that said deity is punishing us for, it's these numbskulls who worship idols and say "Praise Jesus!" as if he had anything to do with it.

I think WWJD is a trite question and seldom gets at real moral ambiguity, but I think we actually have a black-and-white case here: Jesus would definitely not give away cars, furniture, and houses in a pagan spectacle of balloons and streamers. Honestly, what the hell are these numb-nuts thinking???


At 12/27/05, 2:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

that's hiliarious, do you remember Jim and Tammy Baker? And their extravagence, she bought an "air conditioned dog house" with church money. Anyways, well this has nothing to do with Jesus.

it always amazes me how people forget Jesus overturned the merchants that time, I have nothing against churches needing to prosper but if you are going to folow the guy, go all the way!


At 12/27/05, 2:56 PM, Anonymous Saar Drimer said...

you can also see it as a sign of good (2 o's)... they need these tactics to draw people, meaning less frequent these places.


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