In the closet

I'm back in the closet. My server that is. is back online. It's running MediaWiki, the same software as Wikipedia. My buddy at work (Maximus), introduced me to the joys of wikis, especially this brand.

I have a budding page under this link where I am putting all of my stuff. My mason bees, my stories, my hobbies, etc. The blog isn't going away, mind you, as I think blogspot is da' bomb.

The nifty thing about a wiki is that, theoretically, any of you could have pages there as well. Lazy bums that you are, I'm not holding my breath for CVDC to become anything more than my own private villa on an old deserted stretch of cyber-highway.

Let me know if you have any ideas for what CVDC could become. Right now it's vanity. If given the right conditions, we could distill it down to pure vanity.


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