SUVs: Still stupid

This article doesn't rant against SUVs the way I would, but it is demonstrative of a larger point: SUV manufacturers don't give a rat's ass about the quality of car they manufacture. They aren't required to put good bumbers on, so they don't. You'll recall that they fought Nader tooth and nail on seatbelts, even though they demonstratibly save lifes. Until the government required it, they wouldn't do anything to improve the safety of their cars.

You have to wonder if they weren't required to put in an engine, they wouldn't. They skimpt on every corner. It's no wonder they love selling the behemoth SUVs: minimal cost to manufacture (especially since they cut every corner) and they can charge a premium for their supposed 'size'. They are just stupid vehicles all around. One day Americans will stop buying them, but that day isn't any time soon. There's too much status right now associated with 10m/g vehicles. I believe that it shows how much disposible income you supposedly have. This is the only reason I could see why anybody would want to show off by driving around in a car that is a death trap for its occupants and other drivers on the road.


At 1/27/06, 1:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw a really interesting documentary about advertisement and basically it's that people don't buy logically. I'ts like they are 5 years old when buying a car. Even if they can't afford it, case in point the guy who lives behind me can't pay his electic bill but has an SUV, is a big macho guy and also will clean it to no end but his apt is a sty (he has a child and a girlfriend who live there too...)

I remember Thich Hat Nahn (or however you spell his name) saying always look at everyone as if they are 5 years old, and it's true. Calvin Trillan says everything comes down to the school yard.



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