Clarion Workshop

On Monday I received a notice by mail that my early application to the Clarion Workshop had been accepted. Thank you to everybody who helped me polish up my application. Tammy, Carol, Jenny, and Brian get the biggest kudos. You guys are rockstars!

The Application: In addition to filling out the standard app (who are you, do you eat weird foods, what do you hope to gain from Clarion, etc.), I had to submit two short stories which represent my best work to date. The two storys were "No Hay Moros en la Costa" and "Sailing Lessons".

The Cost: So far I'm out $125. The first $25 was just for the app, the next $100 was to confirm my acceptance. The next chunk will be $1320, my tuition for the summer semester. I also get 4 semester credits from MSU (just what I need). It will cost me another $1200 for room and board. I will probably shell out a little more for AC and a fridge.

Details: From June 26th to August 4th, I will be interred at Michigan State University. There, I will experience a grueling 6-week program designed to hone my writing skills. I've been reading people's blogs on the experience, and it seems really intensive. It consists of a morning lecture, following by learning to critique other people's stories, then practice writing. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Why? I have a very real goal of becoming a published author one day. I hope to improve my writing skills at the workshop, and perhaps network a bit. Besides, 6 weeks in Michigan in the dead of summer sounds grand, doesn't it :-)


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At 3/12/06, 10:20 AM, Blogger Cavan said...

Congrats - I've applied for the 2006 workshop, too. Haven't heard anything back, but my fingers are crossed.

At 3/16/06, 7:35 AM, Blogger Cavan said...

Just wondering - how long did they take to get back to you?


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