Quod neuf?

Tammy is studying to take her Professional Engineering Exam. I am trying to get back into writing after taking an extended hiatus immediately following my Clarion application. My old friend Ti from HS is graduating school and moving to Durango CO to become a chiropractor. A remote co-worker is quiting the company to become a full-time realitor. My boss is super happy of late, and had no problem approving my LOA for MI in July. Tammy won $50 in the Oscar pool. Téa turned one. Anne-Sophie is seven months pregnant. Carol is getting her play staged, and Robert is directing! (Robert is directing? Do I need more proof of a godless universe than that ;-) Mitch is working so hard it's making him sick and I never see him anymore. I had lunch with Judy at the Crepe place. 'Crash' won best picture (wat da fuk was dat?). Himanshu was unavailable for tea today (or so I presume). I'm still tutoring Omar, but I've taken on one more boy and its killing me. SF Magazine has a crappy new look. The only constant is change.


At 3/9/06, 5:03 AM, Blogger Les said...

J'ai une question indiscréte à poser: si mitch travails toujours, est-ce que il a sa peite ami?

At 3/9/06, 8:58 AM, Blogger Crinis said...

Ils travaillent ensemble.

At 3/9/06, 11:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

tis true me friend.

(by the way Rob is doing great, he is totally in charge, and has the play choreographed with the precision a master glass cutter)


At 3/10/06, 3:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you never write about me =(
Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!! jen

At 3/12/06, 4:28 PM, Anonymous Saar Drimer said...

or me...
but i'm on another continent now.
Congratulations on Clarion... good job.
Is the co-worker WZ?


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